Innovation Housing Programme

Following the second round of submissions to the Welsh Government Innovative Housing Programme, RPA are excited to be involved in a further four projects that have been successful in achieving Welsh Government grant funding. This being in addition to three projects that were successful in the previous round of funding last year.

The new schemes include projects for Newydd Housing Association, Cadwyn Housing Association and V2C Valleys to Coast Housing.

The specific innovations included in these four projects were:

  • Newydd’s High Street Barry project which is geared towards social inclusion and an integrated community approach;
  • The use of shipping containers both for speed of construction and easy relocation to an alternative site as necessary. This trial scheme by Cadwyn, located in Bute St, Cardiff Bay, is intended to provide temporary accommodation for homeless families in Cardiff;
  • Barnhaus housing; straw bale construction for V2C Housing Association.
  • An Energy Positive home for accessible living, working in conjunction with the team that created the ‘Solcer’ House and Newydd Housing Association.

RPA believe that the Welsh Government Innovative Housing Programme has already provided a host of significant innovation projects, which continue to make an invaluable contribution to the huge task of solving the current housing crisis.

Should you, or any of your clients be looking to apply for the third and final round of funding in the new year, RPA would be very happy to assist you with your bid, as we have both the experience and track record of successfully securing the funding and subsequently delivering the projects.