SCH….Blue Cedar get going in the Malvern Hills!

RPA is proud to announce that works are underway on a new residential scheme in the village of Colwall, located in the Malvern Hills. This picturesque location is being developed by Blue Cedar Homes who specialise in high end Retirement Homes, with 12 units to be built.

Additionally there are a number of affordable homes also being built, along with a new Village Shop, and further plans to develop a Nursing Home – all this on the site of the old Schweppes bottling plant. This is one of Blue Cedar’s biggest sites currently under construction. RPA have been involved with the project from the start and have been commissioned to provide Employers Agent and Cost Managers Services to Blue Cedar Homes. This is the 2nd scheme that RPA have been involved in with Blue Cedar, with the first scheme well underway in Abergavenny.