15 August 2023

David Reeves

David initially joined RPA as a Graduate in 2007, later transitioning to a national practice closer to his roots in South West England. However, with RPA’s expansion into Bristol and surrounding areas, David returned in March 2013 to contribute to RPA’s growth in the South West and subsequently in London. Beginning by supporting RPA’s regional offices, David swiftly rose to become the regional lead and is now a Director at RPA, with a focus on the South West and London regions. Achieving chartership in 2014, David possesses extensive knowledge of contract administration, likely influenced by his background in Law. In the South West, David has earned a stellar reputation for his meticulous consultancy work, assembling a strong team to uphold RPA’s reputation for excellence. His expertise lies notably in the private residential sector, collaborating with major developers and PLC house builders. Additionally, David serves as a fund monitor for numerous banks and funds. Recent projects include overseeing remediation efforts for large, multi-use sites and collaborating closely with clients to facilitate the progression of schemes through infrastructure projects, ensuring smooth execution and unlocking the potential of sites.