27 September 2023

James Owen

As a qualified Architect who has transitioned into the realm of Construction Design and Management (CDM), James boasts a wealth of experience across diverse sectors including healthcare, education, leisure, and residential. His extensive industry exposure has equipped him with invaluable insights and expertise. James’s journey into roles within CDM was guided by his rich experience and adeptness, enabling him to assume positions with authority and knowledge, particularly as a Principal Designer. With a proven track record, James is well-versed in liaising with clients, designers, principal contractors, and suppliers throughout the lifecycle of construction projects. His diligent and proactive nature significantly contributes to project success. At RPA, James spearheads all CDM/Principal Designer services, leveraging his extensive knowledge to ensure the delivery of unparalleled PD services. His leadership ensures that RPA’s CDM services stand out as second to none.